Nursing On the Go with the GoPillow!

Ever tried breastfeeding your baby on a warm day? Outdoors? In an office? A mall? A park?

We all know the standard breastfeeding position: Mom cradles the baby’s head on her arm, so that baby can rest and feed comfortably.  Boppies and breastfeeding pillows are nice too.  But if you’ve ever breastfed a baby you might also recall the way your arm and the baby’s head get sweaty and sticky on warm days, making the whole experience not so comfortable after all.

Here’s an amazing product that excels in the multitasking department. Moms everywhere give it two thumbs up and we think it’s a great idea, too! The GoPillow serves the following needs:

  • A wearable breast feeding pillow, which cradles baby’s head while keep everyone sweat-free (on warm days) and cozy (on cool days)
  • Designed for comfortable cradling
  • Built-in cover-up blanket which you can throw over your shoulder for privacy
  • Pillow and body wrap for babies and toddlers, great for on-the-go naps
  • Portable diaper changing surface
  • Sun and wind shield for babies and toddlers
  • Arm cushion for carrying babies and toddlers
  • Arm warmer during cold weather (especially during outdoor activities)
  • Super soft plush available in baby pink or baby blue.

Here’s a very short video illustrating how the GoPillow can be used:

It’s great for babies…

…and toddlers!

For more info and to order, visit

Sales on Stylish, Sensible Nursing Cover-ups

Whether or not it’s OK to nurse in public seems to be debatable for some people, but I see nothing wrong with it– as long as you are covered up. Moms with nursing babies need to get out of the house, too, and when you are your baby’s sole source of food, you simply don’t have a choice NOT to breastfeed when the need arises.

I also don’t think Mom’s should have to duck into the nearest bathroom when baby gets hungry. Besides for the fact that it’s just plain yucky and often uncomfortable, the fact is that sometimes a private spot is just not available! So that’s why you may want to invest in a snazzy little cover-up to give you a bit of privacy when you’re nursing on the go.  It will even come in handy at home, when you have company and don’t want to miss any of the action!

Udder Covers

Great for the stylish cow–I mean woman!
Rigid neckline gives you direct eye contact with baby.
Made of 100% breathable cotton.
Stainless steel d-rings allow fully adjustable neckline.
Machine washable.

YOU CAN GET ONE FREE (just pay shipping) if you enter the code “BACKORDER” when ordering! I don’t know how long this will last, so if you want one, grab it now!

Get yours at

Under Wraps Nursing Poncho

This is a great thing if you want all-around coverage!

  • Uniquely designed to be worn during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or just because.
  • Wear it while nursing or even as a fashion piece.
  • Neck line design allows mom to latch baby easily without exposing anything!

Get yours here for $39.99.

Under Wraps Nursing Poncho ™ by Victoria Laurin  & Baby-Breastfeeding, nursing cover, nursing wrap, nursing cover  up

Hooter Hiders

If the name alone is not enough to make you want one, maybe the buy-one-get-one-free offer will (good until June 28)!

Hooter Hiders Logo

Head Rush Nursing Covers

Breastfeeding in public can now be a pleasant experience with these lightweight, cotton, nursing cover. Plus, you get $10 off their Spring Styles!

  • Complete 360-degree coverage
  • Front pockets for pacifiers, nursing pads, etc.
  • Lace panel in front for ventilation and eye contact.
  • Burp cloth and drawstring bag included.
  • Can be used as a stroller canopy and baby blanket!
  • 100% cotton and machine washable.

Hot Pink Nursing Cover Blue and Pink Flowers Nursing Cover Black  Nursing Cover Light Brown With Flowers Nursing Cover

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