Photo Books: The Books Your Baby Will Love Forever

From when I was a kid until now, one of my favorite activities is looking through old family photo albums. Seeing the familiar faces of family and friends, remembering the good times we shared, and laughing over the silly photos we couldn’t bear to throw away (remember a time before digital cameras?!)… it’s a surefire way to put a smile on our faces!

Way back when I was growing up, if you wanted to see your photos, you had to actually get the film developed, and then you had a nice package of tangible photos that you had to sort through and arrange in albums. Now, I  have hundreds of digital pictures of family and friends, milestones and celebrations, family trips and holidays stored on my computer. But albums? Not since my firstborn was a baby!

Imagine the Possibilities with Photo Books

This is why my family and I absolutely love photo books! It makes the process of taking the images from your camera and putting them into beautifully arranged books that you can treasure forever a piece of cake.  And with all the fun and creative designs and layout options, its like a cross between a gorgeous scrapbook, an engaging story, and an old-fashioned  photo album. No scissors, no glue, no mess!

Using photo books, you can create beautiful, organized memories of every special occasion, every holiday, every vacation, and all the sweet every-day moments in between that you don’t want to forget.

Soft Photo Cover

If you’ve never tried putting a photo book together, there are many good reasons to give it a try!

1. It’s so easy! There are lots of great sites that make it a snap. Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, they’ll even arrange them for you. But be forewarned– it’s so fun to pick colors, themes, and layouts, you may find yourself spending hours fixing it up!  They come in all shapes, sizes and materials!

2.  Another amazing thing is that once you’ve finished, you can order one for yourself, one for your grandparents, and one for anyone else who wants it! You can save them and reorder any time. It’s already put together, and it makes a great gift for those special people who share your life.

3. It keeps everything organized and looks so pretty lined up on the shelf! You won’t have to deal with loosing photos and bending edges as your little ones turn the pages. I know from experience that when my little ones look through our older albums with the “real” pictures in them, they tend to get rearranged and sometimes lost!

As your babies grow up, they’ll love looking at these books as much as you!  So don’t keep those cherished pictures stored away on your hard drive where no can appreciate them! Get started on a new photo book right away. We hope you’ll have fun!

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