How soon can I find out the sex of my baby?

While some people prefer the old-fashioned element of surprise, others enjoy knowing ahead of time whether they’re having a girl or a boy. It does take the guess-work out of buying baby clothes!

So for those who are eager to know, how soon is it possible to find out your baby’s sex?

It’s basically just a question of how soon the ultrasound technician can see what needs to be seen, if you know what I mean. Using a standard ultrasound test, a baby’s gender may generally be determined between 15 and 25 weeks.

Another thing to factor in is the baby’s cooperation- some are just more modest than others and don’t let anyone get a good look! It is possible, during the earlier part of pregnancy, for mistakes to be made. Waiting until the middle of pregnancy will definitely give you a more accurate answer!

feature image: Carters

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