Dear TIME: Are you LAME enough?

The new TIME cover, featuring a beautiful blond woman standing upright and breastfeeding her almost-4-year-old son, is creating waves already. Personally, I’m tired of the whole conversation already. And not interested in reading the actual article. And a great fan of Dr. Sears and attachment parenting, for the record.

What I did enjoy, however, are some “alternative covers” created by Babble, with some headlines that really reflect what TIME is trying to accomplish here.

My favorite is this one:

Amen to that. The only time it is socially acceptable to put breasts on a family-style magazine is when it come to breastfeeding. Then it’s OK to let it all hang out. There is nothing about this cover that reflects the values of attachment parenting– nothing wholesome or nurturing about it. Instead, it’s suggestive, obnoxious, and obviously¬† meant to get attention. Come on, TIME, get a life!

See more great alternative covers at Babble!

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