Fun DIY Birth Announcements!

Congratulations on your new baby! We know you are itching to share the good news with just about everyone you know! One popular way of welcoming the sweet, new addition is to send out a card with the details of your little angel: Name, date of birth, and any other information you’d like to share. Although you’ve got plenty of things to do, making your own birth announcements might be a fun and relaxing break from the never-ending feeding, burping, diapering, and rocking!

To get started, pay a visit to your local craft store and get some cute paper, envelopes, and embellishments such as ribbon, stamps, glitter, etc. When you get home, play around on the computer with regular printer paper until you have the text, fonts, and centering exactly as you like it. Print one on your special paper to make sure it looks right, and then print the rest! To include a picture, make color copies or have a photo shop print out wallet size pictures for you. Here’s one cute DIY announcement, compliments of do it yourself

If you like a theme, you can check out to see what some real parents came up with, including a baseball card theme, nature theme, and vintage theme!

Martha Stewart has some cute ideas, of course, with instructions and templates to help you out! I love the idea of just including one photo and letting it do all the talking!

If you kind of want to DIY, has a lovely selection of over 50 birth announcement cards at affordable prices. You upload your own photos, and choose your own layout and design.

Rubber stamps are just great for DIY projects!  Here are some absolutely adorable ideas from Impress Rubber Stamps:

Baby Blocks baby ideas

Stork Ribbon Card baby ideas

Just Arrived baby ideas

Baby Train baby ideas

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