Baby Products That Will Make You Laugh

Baby Gizmo’s 2011 Annual Survey of the Most Ridiculous Baby Products is sure to be very educational… and entertaining. From creepy to silly to just plain ridiculous, you will find yourself gasping, “Is this for real?”

There are disembodied hands that you can position around your baby to cradle him while he’s asleep. There’s a nasal aspirator where you actually suck the snot out of baby’s nose yourself. There are high heels for baby and headbands with bangs: “for the girl who has everything except hair.” And changing diapers can be challenging with active babies, I know. So you’ll want something to wrap around their little bodies so they just can’t wriggle away.

My personal favorite: The potty mitts. Not only can you be a paranoid germaphobe, but now you can demonstrate to your little germaphobe-in-training exactly how it all begins. Potty mitts take sanitary bathroom habits to the next level!

We’re not saying that some of these products won’t come in handy. What are you do to with a baby in a changing room, if you don’t have the Babykeeper Basic to hang him up over the side of the wall?  My Pee Pee Bottle– great for long car trips. And for parents who just keep loosing their kids, the Toddler Tracker is invaluable.

Take a look, you won’t believe your eyes! Baby Gizmo’s Most Ridiculous Baby Products 2011

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