Transforming Baby’s Nursery: Focus on Walls

An easy and fun way to decorate your nursery is to focus on the walls. You don’t need a large budget to transform your baby’s room in any style you fancy, whether you want a fun, vibrant playroom, or an elegant, peaceful oasis, or anything in between! Here are some ideas to get your imagination revved up!

Giraffe decal from Wall Nutz


Add instant fun with wall stickers, like these Flocked Butterflies ($19.99 from WallNutz).

Flocked Butterfly Wall Stickers


Decals are one step up from the sticker idea– they’re not only fun and pretty, but they’re re-stickable, too! They’ll dress up your nursery in a flash and you can play around with the placement without worrying about ruining the walls. When your little one is older, she can have fun making her own designs! Here are some pretty “Scroll Tree” decals from Wall Nutz (80 decals for $39.99)

Scroll Tree MegaPack Wall Sticker Mural


Old-fashioned fine wallpapers are making a comeback, says iVillage, and they’re not as pricey as you might think. Check out The Land of Nod designs which come in a variety of designs such as damask designs ($60 per roll) and classic plaids ($75 per roll). For something really fun (and to protect mom’s sanity) you can purchase paintable wallpaper– like the Frames pattern ($40 per roll)– in a variety of designs, which actually encourages your kids to draw, color and paint on the wall!

If you don’t want to paper the whole room, try doing just one wall or even lining the inside of a bookcase. It’s less expensive and a great way to add instant décor.


You could buy a pre-cut or paint-by-number wall mural, but why not try your hand at painting your own? It can be as simple or intricate as you like. If you’re artistic, you can draw and paint it freehand. If all you know how to draw are stick figures, don’t despair!  All you need is an overhead projector, along with the pattern or picture transposed onto a transparency. Beam it onto the wall, trace, and paint!  This one is called “A Bug’s Life” by Bi0star (via Flickr)

Baby's Room Bug's Mural by Bi0star.

And I love this “white on white” nursery design from A List Baby!


You can get this look with wallpaper, or the cheaper alternative which would be to paint it yourself! Just  measure and mark off your stripes, and use some painters tape to keep the edges crisp while painting.  Instantly elegant, as seen below in this Peter Rabbit themed nursery!

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