Age is not a Contraceptive: Pregnancy Warning for Older Women

Here’s an interesting statistic: Abortion rates for women aged 40-44 are just about the same as those for the under 16s, figures for England and Wales show.  In 2008, both of these groups had an abortion rate of four per 1,000 women.

Although there can be a number of reasons for this trend, experts fear that older women are ditching contraception in the mistaken belief that they cannot get pregnant past a certain age.  Yes, fertility does wane as you age, but women can still get pregnant well into their thirties, forties and even fifties.

So the Family Planning Association (FPA) has a new campaign ‘Conceivable?’ directed at women over 35 years old. It’s purpose is to remind women to stay vigilant about unplanned pregnancy and to keep using contraception until after menopause if they do not wish to become pregnant.

And here I thought it was common knowledge that until you stop menstruating, you can still get pregnant. Silly me.

Just one night of unprotected sex can result in pregnancy, even if you are way beyond your teenage years.  Emily James of Marie Stopes International said: “Many older women facing an unplanned pregnancy are completely shocked to find themselves in this position – many assume that their irregular periods are due to menopause, and are surprised to learn that they are in fact pregnant.”

Bottom Line: Talk to your doctor about age, menopause, and fertility, and be vigilant about unwanted pregnancy, no matter what age you are!

Source: BBC News

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  1. I definitely feel that women should take as much ownership when their trying to get pregnant as they do when they aren’t. I mean, with all the contraceptive methods out there, it’s a wonder why we women don’t utilize them more.

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