2010 Baby Name Trends

The authorities at iVillage tell us that this year, traditional, down-to-earth baby names will move into the spotlight. No more extravagant, outrageous, hard-to-spell names.  This year, we will see parents choosing names “rooted in good values, hard work, and (of course) our current favorite, feel-good obsessions (Twilight! Mad Men!).”

But if you’re looking to celebrity mommies to lead the way in “let[ting] go of the anything-goes baby naming game and pick something a little more down to earth…” don’t get all excited. You may be a little disappointed in the “sensible-ness” of the baby-name trend predictions for 2010.

Virtue Names
Such as: Hope, Grace, Faith, Honor, Patience, Justice, Temperance, True, Verity, Amity

2009 has definitely seen more than enough corruption and infidelity, so it’s no wonder people want to keep things simple and pure in 2010. Take actress Jessica Alba (pictured), for example, who named her firstborn Honor.  I like it. But just wait til the little angels are a bit older… “Patience! I am at the end of my rope here! Verity! If you lie to me one more time…!! And Honor, that was a very mean thing to do to your sister!! I expect a lot more of you guys in the future!”

Celestial Names
Such as: Celeste, Orion, Aurora, Jovian, Nova, Skye, Alya, Sora, Leo, Ara
So, what was it we were saying about down-to-earth names? Case in point: Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo named her little star Stella Luna, and singer Erykah Badu named her son after the planet and mythological Roman deity, Mars.  Here we go with the report cards… “Stella Luna is a lovely girl who just needs to get her head out of the clouds and focus on her lessons.” And there’s the inevitable teasing on the playground… “Earth to Mars! Keep your eye on the ball, space cadet!” Come on parents, these kids have to live with their names on a daily basis!
Bird Names
Such as: Lark, Starling, Deryn, Andor, Arden, Paloma, Culver, Phoenix, Robin, Birdie, Wren, Raven
Some of these names are sweet as can be. I think Arden and Raven are beautiful. But celebrity mom Nicole Richie did it all wrong when she named her kid Sparrow James Midnight,  kicking off “one of 2010’s biggest name trends.” Seriously, Sparrow? If you didn’t already think the kid looks like a bird, you certainly will now. How would you like to go through life with a name like Sparrow?

Vampire Names
Such as: Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice, Rosalie, Renee, Jasper, Esme, Billy, Sookie, Aro, Demetri
Believe me, I know “Twilight” is addictive. But naming your baby after a vampire, no wonder how gorgeous and good-hearted, is a little odd. (Don’t you have a beloved grandma to name after?) Nevertheless, predictions of little baby Bellas and Edwards are in the air. And if that’s not enough, there’s HBO’s True Blood where you can draw more Draculian baby-name inspiration.
Trade Names
Such as: Cooper (barrel maker), Jagger (peddler), Mason, Sawyer, Spencer, Porter, Tanner, Gardener, Carter
We’re all thinking about work these days—keeping it, getting it, and doing well at it. This has supposedly prompted a return to old-fashioned trade names. If your little one Fletcher, will he grow up to be an arrow maker? They’re cute names, but many of these still sound like last names to me.
Maverick Names
Such as: Maverick, Rebel, Vandal, Ryker, Breaker, Cannon, Heller, and Wilder
“We’re seeing parents move toward names that suggest a gutsy, go-get-em persona in our kids—great for future rockstars and politicians,” says iVillage.  Take for example Bandit Lee (daughter of rocker Gerard Way) and Gunner (son of rocker Brandon Flowers).  Pretty standard, if you’re born to a rockstar. But for the rest of us common folk,  don’t you think some of these names are taking it too far? There’s no denying that naughty bad-boy charm– “think James Dean as a bad boy or Tom Cruise in Top Gun“– but a name like “Vandal” is just asking for trouble. Either that, or you’ll end up with a quiet, gentle kid who would never think of breaking the rules!

Granny Names
Such as: Gertrude, Bess, Roger, Matilda, Adelaide, Don, Emmett, Joan, Hazel, Iris, Tobias, Betty, Oscar
Well these names are definitely more on the mundane side (compared to some of those above!) so if you like Mad Men‘s Betty and Don Draper’s retro, mid-century Americana names, choosing something vintage may be the thing for you. Now’s your chance to look to the show’s characters or your own grandparents for old-new naming inspiration.
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