Twitter Advice for a First-time Mom

His Boys Can Swim! posed the following question on Twitter: “What’s the best advice you would offer to a 1st time mom?”  She got some great advice and shares the wisdom on her blog for all the other first-time mom’s out there!

It’s a long list, so I picked my fifteen favorites:

  1. @NightNannies – Take each day at a time and enjoy your baby as it goes very quickly.
  2. @jules23 – Do your own thing. EVERYONE will have an opinion on what you should do.
  3. @wellbalancedpup – Get a good babysitter and have time doing things with your partner and dont feel guilty about it.
  4. @sarabanut – Take ANYONE up on their offer to help after you have the baby.
  5. @Elouise82 – Best advice? Don’t listen to other mothers’ advice! They will all drive you insane if you let them.
  6. @jerseybites – Relax. We make our first borns so neurotic by being so neurotic. Don’t make everything have to be a lesson. Just enjoy.
  7. @WayMoreHomemade – From a control freak… realize that it’s not all under your control.
  8. @sueannesjewelry – Trust your own instincts when it comes to the mental and physical health of your child. Nobody knows them like mom.
  9. @tygerbaby – My sister had antibacterial everything…I’m pretty sure there were no living microbes anywhere in the house but…my nephew gets sicker more often than his younger sister, and the illnesses hit hard.
  10. @MomPath – Best advice 4 1st time mom? Laugh more & let the unimportant stuff slide. It’s an amazing adventure.
  11. @cheeriokeeper – Always pack 2-3 outfits in the diaper bag. There’s always bound to be a blow-out when you’re least expecting it.
  12. @latarahamying – Sleep when the baby sleeps and don’t try to be superwoman – it is impossible
  13. @birthinbinsi – Listen to advice, but trust your instincts. You know what is right for you and your baby.
  14. @SideKickBoy – If only my wife believed me when I told her how cute she is all pregnant.

…and I’ll add my own:

15. Use the internet… it’s a great resource (and comfort) for all your pregnancy and baby related questions!

Visit His Boys Can Swim! to see the complete list!

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