The value of Homeopathy during Pregnancy & Childbirth

Some women choose to live with the discomfort of morning sickness or heartburn, rather than seek treatment, because they are concerned about the possible side effects on their unborn child. But there is another safe alternative. The Society of Homeopaths says that the gentle system of homeopathic medicine is ideal for pregnant women.

Homeopathy is based on treating each person as an individual, with highly diluted substances given in mainly tablet form, which trigger the body’s natural system of healing. Based on your experiences and symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to you.  Homeopathic medicines are safe for your growing baby (and even your newborn) because only a minute amount of the active ingredient is used in their preparation.

These remedies can help you feel healthy and energetic, which in turn has positive effects on your baby. A mother who is full of vitality and energy provides her baby with the ideal conditions in which to thrive.

Homeopathic medicine during Pregnancy

Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy may cause a variety of health problems. The following list includes some common symptoms that may be helped by professional homeopathic treatment:

  • morning sickness
  • nausea
  • mild urinary problems
  • diarrhoea
  • heartburn
  • anaemia
  • varicose veins
  • backache
  • cramps
  • thrush
  • emotional distress.
  • raised blood pressure

Homeopathic medicine during Labor & After Birth

In addition to the conditions listed about, homeopahty can help you through labor, after-birth healing, breastfeeding, and even before you get pregnant– during the conception stage. Some of these situations include:

  • cervix which is slow to dilate
  • pain
  • excessive bleeding
  • retained placenta
  • labor that is too fast
  • metal and physical exhaustion
  • after-birth shock or exhaustion
  • after-birth pain and soreness
  • post-natal ‘blues’
  • stitches and scars
  • sore, cracked nipples
  • breast infections (mastitis)

Homeopathic medicine for your Baby

Babies tend to respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. There are homeopathic remedies to help relieve mild discomforts as well as more serious problems. Consult a trained homeopathic doctor if want homeopathic treatment for your baby.

  • babies who are bruised from a long labor or a forceps delivery
  • colic
  • teething
  • diaper rash
  • ear infections
  • fever
  • side effects from vaccinations

Remember, it is especially important during pregnancy to take care of your over-all health. Eat well from a wide range of foods, take a vitamin and mineral supplements if needed, avoid smoking and alcohol, get plenty of rest, and exercise regularly.

Click this link to view a detailed list of homeopathic remedies associated with pregnancy & childbirth.

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