Proper oral hygiene can prevent pregnancy complications

The Telegraph reports that bacteria from a woman’s mouth could be transferred to her child through blood and amniotic fluid.  The bacteria could potentially cause serious problems, including premature birth, a low birth weight, and premature contractions, as well as infection in the baby, researchers warn.

The authors of the study insist that simple attention to dental hygiene can help to reduce the risk of many pregnancy complications, which doctors cannot otherwise explain.

The research looked at the stomach contents of newborn babies, and found two types of bacteria that are found mainly in the mouth.  These samples were taken at hospitals as part of the routine care given to babies born from a complicated pregnancy or at risk of serious infection.

The research group is attempting to confirm whether bacteria from the newborn matches the bacteria in the respective mother’s mouth.

Bottom line: Brush and floss daily, and visit your dentist according to schedule.  It’s definitely good for you, and it might even promote health in your baby!

Image from the energy secret

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