Infertility and Homeopathy: Treating body, mind, and soul

Infertility is a multifaceted problem. According to LondonHomeopathy, “This means that when treating it we need to look at a variety of issues such as our emotional health, our life style, the food we eat, the alcohol we drink, our smoking habits, as well as all the environmental hazards to which we are exposed, including toxic metal pollution, pesticides and food additives. All of these factors do affect our capacity to conceive!”

According to the Holistic Body & Baby website:

Homeopathy is very effective in treating women’s reproductive problems because it stimulates the body to heal itself rather than inhibit or suppress the body’s attempt to become well. If a woman is planning a pregnancy or having difficulty conceiving, homeopathic treatment can help her body reach a state of wellness. There is no grater gift for a newborn than mom and dad receiving constitutional homeopathic care before conception. Homeopaths know that physical, mental, and complex immunological patterns can be inherited. If these imbalances are addressed prior to conception, there is a much greater likelihood that the baby will be healthier on all levels.

Even women who unsuccessfully tried conventional fertility treatments, have gone on to conecieve with the help of homeopathy. This may be because in addition to medical reasons for difficulty in conceiving a baby, emotions can also play a part.

‘Did you know that it is thought that past hurt, ambivalence regarding parenthood, fear and childhood experiences of rejection and poor bonding can all exist in the subconscious mind and can contribute to conception problems and even infertility?’

– Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist. (Natural Eco Organics)

London Homeopathy provides the following list of underlying problems related to fertility:

Emotional blocks to fertility
All aspects of your existence are interconnected, including your mental and emotional states of mind. This can affect your body in a detrimental way, often blocking energy and leading to an illness. Such emotional blocks and negative states of mind can also prevent conception. Perhaps a miscarriage or a bad experience during a previous birth or pregnancy has led you to fear subsequent pregnancy? A stressful life style, which has affected you physically and emotionally, can also cause harm including irregular or painful periods. Homeopathy is invaluable in addressing such blocks to fertility at both the physical and emotional levels.

Balance your hormones
Rather than treating symptoms superficially, homeopathic treatment addresses the causes of symptoms and works on bringing the body back to balance.  Remedies will help to regulate your menstrual cycles, bring back ovulation or improve sperm count and motility.

Treat the underlying pathology
If PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids or polyps are preventing you from conceiving, these be treated effectively and permanently.

Clear the side effects of the contraceptive pill
Homeopathy has proved to be particularly effective in addressing the side effects of the contraceptive pill which may prevent you from conceiving. These include: weight gain, lack of ovulation, irregular menses, candida, benign breast lumps or apathy.

Clear inherited tendencies
As one of the deepest reaching therapies, homeopathy can treat inherited tendencies and patterns affecting your chances of conception. Those may include sub-fertility or a tendency to miscarry.

Feature photo from nomoreallergies: Treat your allergies with homeopathy too!

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  1. i wondered if you could tell me a little more about gestational haematomas and is there a link with ivf

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