Burp Armor: Protect yourself!

“Once upon a sleepless night, a dad had an idea…”

I don’t know if it was spit-up all over his PJ’s or just a random middle-of-the night brainstorm, but Mike Barcly had an inspiration. He put his idea into action and designed a plush, absorbent burp cloth that is all natural, soft, ergonomic, and most importantly, has enough traction to stay on your shoulder!

“Made in the USA from 45% organic cotton and 55% sustainable hemp, our burp cloths are prewashed in organic soap and emulate the soft, plush absorbency of cloth diapers. Because the stay-put shape and plush fabrics (two layers of fleece for absorbency and a third layer of corduroy for stay-put traction) keep you and your clothing clean. Simply throw it over your shoulder and you’ll be ready for anything!”

Mom’s and dad’s love them (no more ruined shirts and last-minute changes!) and it also converts to a baby bib! Visit Burp Armor for more info!

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