Video: What happens during an epidural?

If you ask me, you must be crazy to let someone stick a huge needle into your spine. Who in their right mind would willingly undergo – ok, BEG and PLEAD for –  such a procedure? Oh wait… I did. On two seperate ocasions.  Oh yes, it’s coming back to me, I think it had something to do with the excruciating pain of labor. No I wasn’t crazy and I wasn’t going out of my mind with pain. I just figured, well if I can have this baby without all the blood, sweat, and tears, let’s do it the nice way. And by “nice” I mean “medicated.”

That whole warning they give you before the epidural (you have one in a million chances of being paralyzed for life, yada yada yada) didn’t deter me, although my husband looked like he as about to faint. I happily signed my life away and prepared for blissful numbness to descend…

Having survived two epidurals unscathed, by the grace of God, I really think that is the optimal way to birth babies. After watching this video, the super queasy might not think so, but then I’d say they have never actually been in labaor. For anyone who’s curious about what happens during an epidural, here’s a nifty little video:

What Happens During an Epidural?

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