The Pregnant Look is in… even if you’re not

A pregnant friend of mine recently informed me that she doesn’t have to shop for maternity clothes, becuase all the styles today are loose and baggy, with empire waists and flowing designs.

Hmm, I thought, can it really be so? I did a little browsing and so it is! Maternity tops reign this season. This is great if you’ve got a tummy to accomodate. But not everyone is pleased with today’s fashions, including Germaine Cabe of the Arizona Republic.

The Business section on Wednesday had an article entitled “Retailers struggle as apparel sales slow,” she reports. “Yes, we are in a recession. But we still need clothes to wear. Our fashion gods, however, have been designing the ugliest clothing for the past three years so that there’s nothing appealing to buy. The “maternity top” look is in… empire waists…¬†prevail… They’re all slinky, slimy and in dizzying geometric patterns that could trigger an epileptic attack. Colors are about as muddy as the economy. Please bring back simple, classic styles in flattering colors that we might want to buy, even if our bank accounts are dwindling.

Do you think she’s exaggerating? Take a look at these two tops and tell me, if you can, which one is made for the pregnant woman and which is not?


These lovely smocks can both be found at The Gap.  In case you were unsure, the top on the left is a maternity top, the one on the right is not.

Here are a few more stylish options from BananaRepublic (again, none of these are actually maternity items!)


Pregnancy is a wonderful thing… but as someone who gave birth 2 months ago, and is just starting to fit into my old clothes, I have to wonder… Why, oh why, would anyone want to wear clothes that make them look pregnant when they’re not?

But it sure is nice for all you pregnant gals!!

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