Teleseminar on Oct. 6: The Myth of Perfect Mothering

If there’s one seminar I’d love to hear, it’s this one: “The Myth of Perfect Mothering.” I found it while browsing the Sears website. It’s a Teleseminar hosted by API and Martha Sears, taking place on October 6, 2008, 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/7pm Mountain/6pm Pacific.

Topics to be discussed are:
* the pretense of perfect mothering: why do we fake it?
* parent meltdowns: why we lose it and how to find it again
* why we’re not present even when we’re there
* deciphering and dismantling our disappointment and regret
* healing the heart of depression
* from emotional roller coaster to presence of mind
* from full mind to mindful: harnessing chaos and transforming it into centered connection

Registration is limited, so reserve your spot today at

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  1. Thank you so much for helping us promote this event! It was an amazing 90 minutes with Martha and the MP3 is now available to anyone who missed the talk at The proceeds from the sale of this MP3 support API’s parent education and support activities, so it’s a double bonus.

    🙂 Julie

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