Surprising research shows link between father’s age, pregnancy, and miscarriage

For the first time ever, research shows that the age of the man has just as much relevance as the woman’s age when it comes to conceiving a baby. According to Medical News Today, “Researchers in France studying over 12,000 couples with fertility problems found that when the man was over 35 pregnancy rates fell and perhaps more surprisingly, miscarriage rates rose.”

The effect of the mother’s age on conception and miscarriage rates is already well known to scientists. And though studies have shown that sperm count and quality declines as men get older, until now there has been no clinical evidence that the age of the man impacts a couple’s ability to have a successful pregnancy.

The study provides clinical evidence to support the notion that DNA damage in older men reflects in fertility.  Hopefully, this research will provide important information for couples wanting to start a family and those dealing with infertility.

You can read more on this study here.

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