Some interesting Pregnancy Gadgets

For those of you who like gadgets (or a husband who does), here are a few interesting pregnancy-related devices. First up we have the DuoFertility product, which can let you know exactly when is the best time to try and make a baby.  Measuring Basil Body Temperature (BBT) allows a woman to know when she is ovulating. This device gives you all the details on the spot!

Check the time… and your pregnancy status… at the same time! The Pregnancy Watch gadget from Laks in essence doubles as a plastic watch and a pregnancy device: When a woman is pregnant, the watch can tell her the week of pregnancy she is in. If you need your watch to tell you this, you must be pretty clueless. Which is why it also comes with a list of baby names, just in case you need a little help…

And last but not least, we have the KickTrac, a new gadget to monitor your baby’s progress, ensuring that its movement are at normal levels. No more miscounts or misplaced charts – Simply track your baby’s movements with the touch of a button.

Thanks to Walyou for the head’s up!

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