Solving the miscarriage mystery

Parenting magazine (May 2008, page 69) says that nearly one third of pregnancy losses are caused by undiagnosed yet treatable disorders. Mary Stephenson, M.D, director of the University of Chicago Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Program recommends that a second loss be sent for chromosomal testing which is underutilized in the U.S. This test can tell whether the miscarriage was due to a random chromosomal error or whether there’s a treatable condition present, such as an inherited genetic abnormality, an endocrine disorder, a uterine problem, or an immunological issue.  Many doctors wait until a third loss or more before they send for testing, but experts say action can and should be taken sooner. 

“When women lose chromosomally normal babies and are thouroughly tested for causes of loss, at least 60 percent have a treatable disorder. Recent advances likely push this number even higher. With treatment, most of these women can have a successful pregnancy. Without it, many will relive the tragedy of miscarriage.” For more information, so Darci Klein’s book, To Full Term: A Mother’s Triumph Over Miscarriage.

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