Social Networkers share the good news: I’m having a baby!

So what photo did you choose for your Facebook profile? Is it black and white and kind of hard to make out? Do people have trouble telling if you are male or female? Do you think you might be sharing too much information??

Some women are using their ultrasound pictures as their Facebook and MySpace icons. The Sydney Morning Herald calls this “Social networking with a foetal attraction, and describes the reactions of various people.

Some women think it’s a fun way to announce their exciting news and update family and friends of their pregnant status.

Others think that sharing foetal pictures could be oversharing – and worry about what happens if the pregnancy goes wrong.

Some think that it brings people closer to each other when they share their intimate trials and joys. However, many expectant mothers take advantage of privacy filters and other measures so that only designated readers can view the photos.  And some people feel that ultrasounds are too private to share on the world wide web. The sensitivity of the subject matter leads one woman to joke about how inappropriate it is to post pictures of one’s uterus online.

What is your opinion??

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