Rosie Pope Maternity: Sohpistication and flair for the mature woman

If you are looking for maternity wear that is stylish and classic as opposed to trendy (and money is not an issue, I might add), you will want to check out Rosie Pope Maternity.

Double Breasted Sailor Top: My first thought was more like “marching band,” but truth is that I really like this top. I don’t know if I would actually wear it myself, but on the right woman, with the right accessories, it would be tremendously chic. I like the way the model wears it:

Romantic Polka Top: This is SO pretty! Yes, it is sheer, but if you wear a cami or fitted T-shirt underneath, it would be quite feminine and elegant.

Classic Cashmere Sweater: Just what it sounds like. You don’t get any more “classic” than this!

The Tiered Dress comes in a few colors and is nice for a more formal or professional setting.

The Self Tie Jacket can be paired with a coordinating skirt or trousers. This sophisticated suit is great for the office or any other dressy occasion.

The Pleated Mini Dress puts you in something sophisticated and sexy for a dinner party or a night on the town. Pretty pleating and off-the-shoulder style proves that pregnancy and glamor are not mutually exclusive!

Classic Poncho: The nights are getting cooler and you’ll be needing something to keep cozy! This poncho buttons up the side, and looks and feels totally delicious!

Those are just some of my favorites. For more maternity options, check out Rosie Pope Maternity for yourself! Happy shopping!

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