Pregnant women should avoid Perfume, risk to baby boy’s fertility

It smells so good, but it could be bad news for the baby in your belly! New research shows that using perfumes or scented body creams can cause unborn boys to suffer infertility or testicular cancer in later life.  The reproductive system of male fetuses can be damaged as early as at eight weeks’ gestation by chemicals such as those found in many cosmetics.

Professor Richard Sharpe, principal investigator at the Medical Research Council’s Human Sciences Unit, says that women who want to protect their babies should stop using body creams and perfumes.  “Although we do not have conclusive evidence that they do harm, there are components about which there are question marks… It might have no consequence, but it’s something positive women can do for their baby.”

It would seem that if you are attempting to conceive, or there is a possiblity that you could become pregnant, you should avoid using perfumes and similar cosmetics, as well!

Read more about perfume and pregnancy here.

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