Plus-size Pregnancy Support and Info

After posting about Lisa Graves, a woman refused admittance to her neighborhood maternity ward because of her weight, I found this website called Plus-Size-Pregnancy. It is dedicated to providing “Empowering Information for Women of Size (and Women of All Sizes).”

Readers will notice that this website presents a different view on obesity and pregnancy, compared to most websites. “Instead of “gloom and doom” scare tactics and lectures, I prefer to emphasize a positive approach, with realistic looks at the risks but also at the success stories and happy outcomes.” There are articles on Size Acceptance and dieting and ways to make your pregnancy as healthy as possible. There are also tips on finding a “Size Friendly Provider” and Top Ten Hints for a Better Birth. You can also get important info on prenatal testing, epidurals, oversize blood pressure cuffs, alternative medicine, breastfeeding, delivery, cesareans, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and postpartum. And of course there are Birth Stories of Big Beautiful Women.

This is a website full of important information and support for obese (and every size) women. Don’t hesitate to check it out! Here’s to an informed, empowered pregnancy for women of all sizes!

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