Lose that Pregnancy Weight… for your Husband’s sake!

fatwife.jpgI found this fabulous blog where people send it questions, and a donkey (that’s the husband) and a wife offer solutions.

One reader sent in the following question:

Dear Donkey and Wife
What should you do if your wife wants to keep a few extra pounds on? I’ve done a good job of convincing my wife that I love her no matter what and that I don’t mind when there is “a little more to love.” I overheard her recently tell a friend that she doesn’t want to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, because “he likes me with a few extra pounds.” I always thought she would just lose the weight. Now what do I say to that?
-Weighting for an Answer

Oh my! “This question takes the cake…” says Donkey, “Assuming your wife hasn’t eaten it off the counter already.” He has a number of solutions, some better than others (Please don’t blame us if the suggestions don’t work for you. You’re the one taking advice from a donkey.) and the Wife has some ideas as well.

But two points of interest that I gleaned on this topic, from the bloggers and the commenters, are as follows:

1. For the husband: It’s all about the tact. It’s about doing things together that promote a healthier lifestyle (get a gym membership together… help cook healthy meals together… take brisk early morning walks together… you get the point!)

2. For the wife: Even if your husband truly does love you when there’s a little (or a lot) more to love, it’s only fair to make an effort to get back into shape. Although he loves you too much to say it, maybe he’d like to see you looking more like you did when he first fell in love. And even if it’s not realistic to think that you’ll get your pre-baby body back, at least he’ll find it endearing to know that you are making an effort!

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