Is baby safe around the family dog?


A worried grandmother posted the following question on the ivillage message boards:

“Would you be concerned if your son and daughter in law planned to keep a Pit Bull mix (now 6 mos. old) after finding they are expecting twins? If so, what would your specific concerns be?”

A registered veterinary nurse who currently works in a busy pet emergency hospital answers with mixed feelings. She makes it clear is that “ANY DOG can be dangerous around children, REGARDLESS of breed. Children have been known to have been killed by the family Pomeranian. Cocker Spaniels are NOTORIOUS for biting kids…. A good quality well bred Pit who has been raised in a responsible, caring home, is no more dangerous than any other dog….” In her opinion, there are a few factors to be taken into consideration, including breed, mix, temperament, whether the dog has had obedience training, and whether the dog will be supervised around the baby AT ALL TIMES.

What is your opinion?

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