Leaving On a Jet Plane – a tale of flying pregnant

747 takeoffI tried very hard to forget that I was soon going to be on a plane for at least 5 hours while also being 7 months pregnant, but forgetting isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Everywhere I went people would say, “Are you sure it’s safe to fly in your condition?

”Well yes, my condition isn’t as severe as one may think. My doctor assured me that I could fly up to 35 weeks of pregnancy and so off I went…on my little flight adventure.

When I got to the airport, I found myself wondering how flying pregnant would be any different from flying in the past.I soon found out…with each bump in the sky, a second bump of equal strength manifested itself in my belly. I had to literally hold by belly from underneath, so it wouldn’t smack down with a bang.Oh…how fun that was! I was my belly’s own belt!

I also had to get up every hour to use the lavatory…thank god for aisle seating!

Flight attendants became “my friends” over the course of the flight, because I must have pressed that button at least 6 times to ask for more water, juice and soda. I think they secretly plotted to throw me off the aircraft. But luckily, the flight was over before they could put their plan into action.

I have never been so thrilled to touch ground before.

The moral of the story is…wear something that supports your pregnant belly, make sure you drink lots of fluids, but don’t forget to ask with a smile, and definitely get yourself an aisle seat!

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