Fantastic 4-Peice Maternity Wear Starter Kit

The Bumble Collection has drawn my attention to a very cool idea for the pregnant woman who doesn’t know where to begin shopping for maternity clothes. The Maggie Box is the perfect 4-piece capsule collection to get you started! This gets you a T-shirt, trousers, tank, and skirt- “all elegant, comfortable, and all in black.” Once you have these basics, building and accessorizing is easy! Add a colorful cardigan, a belt, or some jewelry, and you’re ready to go!

The Maggie Box also makes a great gift idea for your favorite pregnant woman! Who wouldn’t love having these four wardrobe staples in the most versatile color there is?

Maggie Maternity’s other collections are equally practical yet pretty, providing maternity wear options that are both simple and elegant. Happy shopping!

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