Economy is down, Pregnancies are up

At least in Britain! According to Parent Dish:

Many of us have altered our normal spending habits and instead of going out to dinner or a movie, we stay home and find something else to do. Apparently in Britain, that ‘something else’ is sex. And according to some, this at-home recreation is having an impact on the sales maternity clothes, pregnancy tests, and sex toys (not necessarily in that order).

So, people are trying to cut back on spending by staying home and getting pregnant. Does something about that seem a bit funny?  Ms. Maple and I are thinking along the same lines:

I think it is great that couples are rekindling their romance in these times of trouble. But in about nine months, those who end up shopping in the maternity stores are going to find that staying home and having sex is a play now, pay later kind of fun. Ultimately, dinner and a movie would have been much cheaper.

Not that we don’t endorse parenthood, of course. But babies can be expensive little things!

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