Do you want to know what your baby’s cry means?


Every mother knows the feeling of trying to soothe a screaming baby. I’m sure every mother has wished at one time or another that baby could just TELL me what’s bothering him! Is he hungry? Tired? Uncomfortable? Gas?

Now you needn’t guess any longer! Priscilla Dunstan’s eidetic memory (a photographic memory for sound) and mother’s intuition helped her discover a universal baby language. Her theory was tested with over a thousand babies, of more than 30 nationalities.¬†Three independent international studies, confirmed the existence of a universal baby language – the Dunstan Baby Language.

Every infant from birth to age three months communicates using the same sounds. These five cries are based on various relexes that a baby has. The “neh” sound is based on the sucking reflex, and means the baby is hungry.¬† “Owh” is based on the yawn reflex and means baby is tired. “Eh” means baby wants to burp, “air” means baby has gas, and “heh” means baby is uncomfortable (too hot, too cold, needs a new diaper, etc.) These “words” occur even before a baby starts to cry.

If you want to learn more about communicating with your baby, check out the Dunstan Baby Language System. You can also watch Priscilla Dunstan in a video interview at

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