C-section multiplies risk of hysterectomy

More unpleasant news for women undergoing c-sections, according to this article, “Caesarean mothers triple hysterectomy risk for next pregnancy.” This is the result of a study done in the UK, where up to one in three women have a Cesarean, in some parts of the country. “It found that a history of Caesarean delivery meant the mother was more at risk of needing a hysterectomy with each subsequent pregnancy.”

The article also claims that there are a growing number of women who are “too posh to push” and actually plan an operation for their own convenience.  Of course an emergency Caesarean birth can be life-saving, but planned surgery is risky due to complications. The recovery is often more taxing as well.

Consultant obstetrician Professor James Walker said that having a Caesarean can cause problems in subsequent pregnancies because the placenta, or afterbirth, can grow into the scar. The scar also affects the development of the womb lining, which may lead to excessive bleeding during delivery that can only be stopped by a hysterectomy. “A first Caesarean is a safe procedure but it leaves a scar that can increase the risks next time. There is no reason for women to be frightened, the numbers having a hysterectomy are still low, but it’s a factor that should be taken into account when discussing the balance of risks and benefits for Caesareans.”

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