BellaBand: A Maternity Wardrobe Must-Have

The belly’s cute, maternity clothes are fun, and all that good stuff, but there will be a number of times that you will despair because nothing in your closet fits you.  There’s the day you wake up somewhere near the end of the first trimester, and realize that you “popped” over-night and your favorite jeans just won’t button up. There’s the day sometime in your third trimester when you realize even your roomiest shirt doesn’t quite meet the top of your pants. And there’s that thrilling moment after the baby is born, when you realize your maternity clothes are too big on you… and you can’t believe you were ever able to fit into those pre-pregnancy clothes stashed in the back of your closet.

What’s a girl to do? Thanks to Modern Moms I discovered a product that I wish I’d known about two pregnancies ago!! (But it’s never too late!  Hopefully I’ll be in a position to need one in the near future…) It’s one item that can help solve all of the above-mentioned problems! Sounds too good to be true…?

Introducing Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Lace BellaBand!

Ingrid & Isabel Women's Maternity Lace BellaBand
Simply the most versatile maternity essential during and after pregnancy. Slip this ultra-soft, seamless knit band around the waistline, over unbuttoned jeans, skirts and shorts. Instant comfort. Instant hold. Instantly smooth. And no one will know your pants are undone! The BellaBand works throughout your entire pregnancy when pants, skirts or shorts aren’t fitting quite right. It’s ideal mid-pregnancy over too-loose maternity or snug-fitting transition wear, in late pregnancy as an extra-hold accessory for under-the-belly styles that fall down around the hips when the belly pushes them down, and after pregnancy when maternity becomes big and pre-pregnancy is bit snug.
Ingenious!!!!! Although I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, I certainly plan to get one (or two!) in the future. The BellaBand comes in black, white, and chocolate, so it’s sure to become a welcome addition to any pregnant woman’s wardrobe!

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