Baby shampoos, lotions, and powders may contain harmful chemicals

My mom sent me the link to this article with a note: “I guess it’s a good thing that you don’t bathe your kids every day after all.”

In my own defense, I’m not lazy, I read that it is not necessary to give babies a bath more than once or twice a day (unless they are dirty, obviously). I mean really, it’s a whole production to give my 2-month old a bath… heat the room, warm the water, set up the baby bath, get the towels, diapers, soaps, etc ready… and it’s no easier for my 2-year old, who is going through an aversion toward the bathtub.

Anyway, the health news article states that “more than 80 percent of infants tested in a new study had been exposed to a potentially harmful group of chemicals known as phthalates.” Parents are cautioned to limit their use of baby shampoos, powders and lotions until more is known.

Scientist still don’t know exactly what this means. I wouldn’t be too worried, since every day they come out and tell us something or another that we’ve been doing is harming our children. More often than not it’s just a lot of noise which recedes in a couple of weeks. But you should keep an eye out for more news on this subject. And stop bathing your kids every day!

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