Baby Mama: A new pregnancy comedy coming soon!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler star in NBC Universal’s new comedy, ‘Baby Mama,’ opening on April 25, about a business woman in her late 30’s dreams of becoming a mother, only to find out that she’s infertile. So, she “outsources” her pregnancy. Tina Fay says the film speaks to many women today. “I think there are a lot of women in my generation who are frightened about whether they have waited too long to have babies.”

Frightened or  not, there are a lot of funny things surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.  Come on, admit it, you and your girlfriends have had some good laughs over things like perineal massage, horse-sized prenatal vitamins, baby proofing, and birth plans:

“Welcome to the birthing center. In this class we are going to help you new mommies and daddies– and mommies and mommies (*wink wink*)– prepair for that marathon of labor! Quick question before we start: How many of you are planning on doing natural childbirth? That’s a good show of hands; thats so great! You’re all so great! And how many of you are planning on using toxic Western medications to drug your baby for your own selfish comfort? Anyone?”

Watch previews and clips on Anyone who has been pregnant or has known any pregnant women will be nodding in agreement… and laughing out loud. ‘Baby Mama’ is sure to have women of all ages and stages in stiches– luckily not the episiotomy kind.

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