And More Maternity Belly Bands! Now in more colors and prints

I was really excited when I found the maternity BellaBand, a great stretchy lace-trimmed band to hide your expanding tummy and rolled-down, unbottoned pants and skirts! The Bella Band comes in white, black, and chocolate, so I thought I’d let you know that I found a similar item that comes in a few more colors and patterns!

The Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band is a favorite maternity accessory. Soft and easy to wear, it solves so many pregnancy wardrobe issues.

  • Conceals those unsightly elastic waistbands and expandable panels on maternity trousers and skirts
  • Doubles your wardrobe. You don’t have to worry about that in-between stage when nothing fits – your regular clothes are too small and your maternity clothes are too big
  • Keeps your tummy under wraps as it becomes beautifully round – covers any gaps between your tops and bottoms
  • Wear your favority pre-pregnancy clothes longer.
  • Add length to your pre-pregnancy tops
  • Cover undone buttons on trousers and skirts
  • Get back into pre-pregnancy clothes sooner after birth
  • Make your maternity clothing more comfortable instantly – just fold your waitband under your belly and cover with the belly band. Perfect while you recuperate post-natal, and as a breastfeeding cover-up, too.
  • Size 1 – Up To 10
    Size 2 – Size 12-14
    Size 3 – Size 16+

    At just $12.99 each, the Baby Be Mine Maternity Band comes in 5 solid colors (white, black, pink, stone, cocoa) and three patterns (black/white, brown/cream, brown/pink).

    Order yours today!

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