A new maternity look: Pregnant cops get roomier uniforms

maternitymos1901_228x513.jpgIt used to be that when a female officers in the UK became pregnant, they were “immediately whisked off ‘operational duties’ to do office work where they could wear their own clothes,” according to the Daily Mail.  Not any more! Now gal cops can get maternity trousers, black pinafore dresses and loose-fitting shirts that expand at the waist as the pregnancy progresses. 

Liz Owsley, of the British Association of Women in Policing says: “More and more women are joining the force and increasingly they don’t want to be pulled off operational duties as soon as they become pregnant… women constables and sergeants don’t necessarily want to stop being with their teams and removing their uniform.”

A pregnant woman in a police uniform… I bet no one tries rubbing HER belly!

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