A hammok for fussy babies

bedside-1.jpgYou may have noticed that your new baby love to sleep cradled in your arms, but the moment you lie him down in bed, he wakes up and cries until you rock him back to sleep again. I have often wondered what it is that the baby loves so much… the position he’s held in, the rocking motion, or just being in the warm arms of someone who loves him…

The closest situation your baby will probably get to being in your arms is the Amby Baby Motion Bed. It brags a “womb-like design and gentle motion that babies love” and is specially suited to assist premature or restless infants, as well as babies with colic and reflux.

The Amby Baby Motion Bed comes highly recommended by Dr. Sears: The Amby bed hangs from a spring, so every time baby moves or stirs in his sleep, the bed gently moves up and down, back and forth, and side to side. This is the same motion that baby cherishes both while in the womb and when you carry baby around in your arms. Plus, the slightly upright sleep position of the Amby minimizes painful acid reflux that can frequently waken baby when sleeping flat. As an extra perk, it fits conveniently next to your bed for easy nighttime access.

Shop the Amby Baby US store here.

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