Morning Sickness: What it is & What to do

Morning sickness is often one of pregnancy’s first symptoms, starting as early as 2 weeks after conception. Despite the name, pregnant women can feel ill at any time of the day. (An empty stomach may be a trigger, so morning is a common time when nausea is experienced.)

Some lucky women don’t experience morning sickness at all, and some feel only a nausea or queasiness (that’s me!). Then there are those unlucky women who are unbearably sick and unable to keep any food or liquids down. One friend of mine was so ill throughout her pregnancy, that after she gave birth her stomach was actually concave!

It’s not known exactly what causes it, but changes in hormone levels are one factor. Pregnancy hormones can change the way your digestive system works, which can lead to higher levels of acid.

A heightened sense of taste and smell while pregnant can bring on nausea as well, especially in the presence of a strong odor.  Fatigue and stress may also contribute to morning sickness

Often morning sickness dissipates around 14 weeks, as hormone levels in the body stabilize.

There are lots of things that women claim helps them bear the nausea. Here are some simple things that might help you feel better.

  • As previously mentioned, an empty stomach can be a cause, so snack little and often to keep hunger at bay, and keep some healthy snacks by your bed… you will find yourself waking up ravenous during the night!
  • Suck on an ice cube.
  • Drink something fizzy.
  • Try fresh ginger, which is reputed to calm the stomach. You can make a tea from crushed root ginger. You can buy candied ginger to snack on, I have a friend who swears by it!
  • Remedies for travel sickness can also help, such as magnetic wristbands. Never take any medication without consulting your doctor.

Morning sickness is a natural part of pregnancy and will not do any lasting harm. In severe cases you may be unable to keep anything down, leading you to become dehydrated, which is very dangerous for you and the baby. If your urine starts to become very dark in color this is a sign that your fluid levels are too low, and you should speak to your midwife or doctor.

Finally, when you’re dealing with a bout of morning sickness, don’t worry about what you’re eating. Getting enough energy is more important than a balanced diet, so if a donut makes you feel better, go for it! You can always stock up on healthier foods later, when the sickness has abated.

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