What to wear, post-pregnancy!

With all the excitment of pregnancy and search for cute, comfortable, and well-fitting maternity clothes, most women don’t think about what they will wear AFTER the baby arrives! But sure enough, the day arrives when you look through your closet and realize that… nothing quite fits! Your maternity clothes seem loose and stretched-out (and who really wants to put them back on again, anyway?) and your old pre-pregnancy clothes are waaay to small (how did I ever fit into them?!) and so you’re stuck!

Let’s face it, it’s a problem. Most women are eager to get back into shape and into their old clothes (which suddenly seem so new-looking and fun). The fact is that it takes time for your body to regain it’s shape. Besides the deflating tummy, those engorged breasts will be popping out of every top. After a week or so of peering in the mirror, examining every angle, and tugging at the same pair of pants to see if they fit yet, you might just feel like staying in your PJ’s all day. (Aside from the fact that you are exhausted and can hardly tell the difference between day and night.)

But do not despair! You are not alone. Work it Mom! has some good advice to get yourself through this rough phase and still feel good about the way you look.

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