The Maternity Clothes Debate

The Celebrity Baby Blog quotes Halle Berry as saying, “I refuse to wear maternity clothes. Maybe when I’m 9 months I’ll have to.” The Blog then poses the flollowing questions: Did you refuse to wear maternity clothes?  If you did, did you eventually have to give in?

Well, Halle Berry is only 4 months pregnant. When all you’ve got is a slightly protruding belly, it’s easy to imagine you can go on wearing stretchy non-maternity clothes to accomodate your new shape. Let’s see how she feels in 4 more months, when the tiny tummy is a huge, attention-grabbing entity with a life of its own!

Some of the readers on the Celebrity Baby Blog say that they just wore non-maternity clothes in larger sizes. That is something I don’t understand!! Whereas maternity clothes are made to be flattering to the pregnant figure, I think that wearing regular clothes in larger sizes will just make you look fat and sloppy. Besides, if you’re going to go out and buy new clothes anyway, why not get maternity clothes? You can find cute, affordable, comfortable maternity clothes that beat wearing oversized non-maternity any day.

Another commenter says, “When I was pregnant I dreaded the idea of wearing maternity clothes! The thought of panels and empire waists made me want to cry… but then by the 7th month when I didnt have any other choice, I learned to LOVE them! She will change her mind!”

I don’t see where the I-refuse-to-wear-maternity attitude will get her… she might be forced to eat her words!

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