The Life of the Party

I went to a friend’s wedding tonight and really felt like an old woman. First of all, I somehow ended up sitting at the Old Women’s table. When they don’t assign seats, I have the worst luck picking tables. Anyway, when the band struck up for the first dance, everyone rushed to the dance floor… except me and the old ladies. First of all, I was starving and I wasn’t about to be separated from my stuffed pepper. (The waiters were hovering like vultures to snatch up the plates the moment you put down that fork!) Secondly, who wants to get up and dance when you can just sit and watch? Ahhhh, what has become of me??  Just sat on my fanny and ate my stuffed pepper. And wondered when the freakin music was going to end so they could bring out the next course. I’m pregnant, I’m short on energy, and I’m always ravenous.

*Sigh* 2 more weeks to go! Then I can get back to being the life of the party…

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