The Funny (or not) Side of Pregnancy

We’ve all seen those so-called humorous pregnancy T-shirts. Some are funnier than others. Personally, I don’t think it’s so cool to walk around advertising things like “I’ve been fertilized” or “Sex Ed Drop-Out.” But maybe that’s just me.

But finally, here’s a reason to wear a “Don’t mess with the Pregnant Lady” T-shirt:

  “Do you know what the biggest advantage of these maternity clothes is? (According to Well, they are going to keep your pregnancy blues away! Other pregnancy symptoms such as discomfort and depression will fade away too. In addition to this, if you are wearing funny maternity clothes, it becomes easy to deal with pregnancy complications, if any. Your mind gets diverted into the fun side of the clothes and helps you to cope with the tough times.”

“…it becomes easy to deal with pregnancy complications…” Easy. Right. I’m sure even bed-rest is fun when you get to lounge around all day wearing, “He got one past the goalie.”

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