The Epidural Fan Club

Somebody put together a list called Signs that it’s time to look for a new care provider.  It’s funny because although I can tick off a few things on that list, I really couldn’t care less.

For example, the first thing listed is: Each visit to the OB office feels like you’re on the converyor belt in a factory production line.Yup, that’s me. But it’s a slooooow production line. I am always waiting for the receptionist to finish her cup of coffee or telephone conversation, and check me in. Then I have to wait for the nurse to weigh me, take my blood pressure, and tell me to pee on a stick with little colored boxes. (What the heck does that thing tell her, anyway? I really should ask one of these days…)  Then I wait some more for the doctor to call me in. I happen to like my doctor and don’t mind that each visit with her is usually under 5 minutes. I take it as a sign that everything is going well, and I can just be on my way…

Number 3 on the list is when you hear them say things like, “If you don’t go into labor on your own by week x, we’ll need to…”  Yup, I heard that with my last pregnancy, and indeed they did induce me at the 2 week past-due mark. But then again, I was young and naive, and wanted that baby out already! I have realized that no one actually forced me to go to the hospital for that induction except myself. So what happens if I come in a few days after than, with actual signs of labor… are they going to turn me away? So let them talk…

Number 12 on her list is: “Oh, just get the epidural. You don’t get a medal for a natural birth.” Well, I can’t say that is the most delicate way to put it. Women should have a choice about the way they want to give birth, and their care provider should be sensitive and supportive. However, I personally am in the Just Get an Epidural! Fan Club.  I have known a number of women who go in with rosy ideas of natural births, end up begging for the drugs. (Such as myself.) I mean really, how could I actually believe that breathing exercises and warm showers are ideal ways of managing pain? Now I am wiser. Why go through the agony when you can be happy and relaxed instead? I think it’s aptly compared to someone going through surgery without anesthesia….

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