Some men like ’em pregnant

I went shoe shopping today (they were having great sales!). So you know how annoying it is to shop when there’s an overly attentive salesperson hovering over you… well, it’s even worse when said over attentive salesman keeps murmuring how beautiful you are and trying to touch you. Ewwww. I don’t know what it was about me that gave him the impression that I’m available. Not to mention hugely pregnant, which made it all the more ridiculous to me. The fact that he offered to sell me whatever I wanted at the sale price kept me in the store for a few more minutes than I otherwise would have, since he was really creeping me out, but after a few more attempts at touching me, I had really had enough. When he went into the back room to look for something, I dropped whatever shoes I was holding and dashed out the door. I practically ran down the block, as if he was going to come out and chase me. HeHeHe.  I guess Tom Cruise is not the only one who’s turned on by pregnant women…

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