Prenatal Blues: When to see a therapist

You might be surprised at how many expecting women might call themselves “depressed.” Whether it’s due to the hormones, the many changes your body is undergoing, etc, many women find pregnancy to be hard physically and emotionally. So what are just “normal” mood swings, and what warrents an appointment with a therapist?

Ask Moxie answers this question with good old common sense. She’s not a proffesional, just a mom like you who gives good advice. She says that if you are thinking about seeing a therapist, that probably means you could benefit by it. It doesn’t mean you have a problem, it just means you need someone objective to talk to and help sort yourself out. You don’t need to make a comitment, just one or two visits can make you feel so much better.  She took her own advice and saw a therapist a few times, which “was all it took to get me to a better place so I could get through the rest of the pregnancy… And deciding to see the therapist was a big step in deciding to take myself and my own feelings seriously for a change. That was a big thing for me.”

Read more personal experiences with depression under the comments section.

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