Pregnantly Plump…?

One of the most frustrating times of pregnancy is definitely that in-between period when you’re not as slim as you used to be, but not obviously pregnant enough to bring out the maternity clothes. That’s me right now. I just look like I’ve been taking a few too many digs into that bucket of chocolate ice cream (which I have). For a while, I knew it was just the ice cream, because if I stood up straight and sucked it in, things were still OK, but no longer. It just won’t be sucked in any longer (without risking damage to the lil growing thing inside there). So it’s bye-bye to all my regular clothes and hello to those bigger, baggy-er things that have been stuffed into the back of my closet. *sigh* I just want to be noticably pregnant enough so that people will think “pregnant” instead of “plump.”

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