Pregnant Women lighting up

Some talk about the pregnant glow, but that’s not what I’m refering to. I’m talkinga bout a woman I saw¬†walking in front of me today, smoking a cigarette… I was almost sure by the way she walked (should I say waddled?) that she was pregnant, and sure enough when I passed her I could see she was undeniably expecting. I almost said something… but I haven’t come to the point of offering unsolicited advice on the street. Besides, what she won’t hear from a friend or doctor¬† (she must have heard from someone how harmful smoking can be to her baby), she definitely won’t hear from a random stragner on the street.

I told a friend about this, and she replied with a story about another woman she knew. This woman was a smoker but quit during her first pregnancy. The baby was born with some kind of problem anyway, and so during her next pregnancy she took up smoking again. Her logic was that she did everything “right” the first time and still something went wrong with her baby, so this time she was going to do what she “needed” to do to make herself happy and just hope for the best. How a woman can use such twisted and selfish logic toward her unborn child is a mystery to me.

If you are pregnant and smoking, you can still quit and undo some of the damage! Refer to my previous post on why smoking is so harmful to your baby (not to mention to yourself) and what you can do about it! I sincerely wish you good luck and best of health for you and your whole family.

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