No more milkies…

I have been breastfeeding my almost-2-yr-old until now (I’m about 6 months pregnant, last time I checked) but I think I’m drying up!! I just noticed this, although Esther continues to ask for “milkies” and will happily suck… but I don’t think she’s getting anything! Although I planned to wean her before the baby comes, the sudden end to this stage is emotional. Not to mention the fact that it’s harder for me to put her to sleep (naps and bedtime) because she’s used to nursing before she falls alseep! And I worry that she’s hungry, becuase she’s not a big eater and I always relied on her getting milk in addition to solids!

Anyway, I tried googling to see if this is normal, to dry up at this stage of pregnancy, and unfortunately I didn’t find much. If anyone has any clues or tips, I’d be glad to know what’s going on…

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