Nursing Bras: Getting the right fit

Pregnancy brings many changes, and among them you will discover that those old bras just don’t fit any more (good news for some, bad news for others!). If you are going to buy new ones, you might as well go ahead and buy nursing bras, so you can continue to wear them after the baby arrives. Here is a helpful blog that gives tips on how to get the right fit!

¬†What I discovered when shopping for nursing bras is that almost any bra can be converted into a nursing bra! I desperately wanted a minimizer but was told that they don’t sell minimizing nursing bras… but they could convert a regular minimizer into a nursing bra. I went with that option and was very pleased (I should have gotten two, that’s the only one I really wore…) I think some people are concerned that the pressure of a minimizer can clog milk ducts but I never had any problems, and was grateful to fit back into my old clothes.

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