Moving, lifting, straining

We are moving to a new apartment down the street, tomorrow. Those of you who have packed up a whole home before know that this is A LOT of work! And since organizing and packing seems to be a missing gene in the male personality, I find myself doing most of the work.

Yet people keep warning me of the hazzards of too much strain. My neighbor warns me not to work too hard. (What exactly is “too hard”?) “Don’t do any lifting!” my grandmother begs.  And my husbands hovers in the background ordering me to drink cup after cup of water.

Are there safety guidlines for pregnant women and the amount of work they can do? Dr. Judith Reichman answers some of these questions, and more, in this article called

Debunking myths about pregnancy hazards.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) all the activity required to pack up and move are pretty much on the Safe list for me! *sigh* So now I must get back to work!

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